NordUch, DkUch, EstCh, IntUch BalW-06 Mankoya's Great Gambo
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Gambo is Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Danish, Nordic, Estonian and International Champion. He started his show carrier by winning Best puppy in show at his very first show, and more should come: Gambo has from puppy-class achived five BIS:1 and at least six more BIS-placements.

At his first official show at an tender age of 9 month and 3 days (the minimum age in Sweden is 9m:1d) he won his first CAC and was going 4th best male. Just a few weeks later he achieved his second CAC by going 3rd best male. All together he has won 4 CAC from junior-class, inkluded one BOB and BIG-R at an International show with a breed entry of 35.
Gambo february 2008



Gambo february 2008

Gambo lives with me, I thought he was too good to pass by even if I at that time alredy had one male in the family. I and Gambo is also training some obediance, but not so serious, more for the socialtraining and activity. Blood-tracking is also something Gambo likes.

  •  Birth: 8 November 2000
  •  H: 69cm, W: 46kg
  •  HD: A = excellent 
  •  ED: 0/0 =clear
  •  Full set of teeth
  •  7 Swedish CAC
  •  1 Finish CAC & CACIB
  •  1 Estonian CAC & CACIB
  •  1 Norwegian CAC & R-CACIB
  •  1 Danish CAC & CACIB
  •  12 Swedish CACIB
  •  Temperament tested
  •  No:1 best swedish male on 2003 goldlist
  • No:1 best male on 2005 goldlist
  • 2nd RR total
  •  No:1 best male on 2006 goldlist
  • 3rd RR total
  • CV titel  ( equal to ROM)
  • Lot of champions and also WW in his progeny

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  • (swedish)
    Read Gambo's Mental test (english)
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Am, Fin & Pl CH
WW-2000 EUW-2000 FINW-2000 ITW-2000 PLW-2000

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